Victoria Arts & Theater Tower

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Timog-GMA, Quezon City

Status: Under Construction
Turnover: December 2024

Victoria Arts and Theater Tower is a 60 storey vertical masterpiece conceptualized as a haven for the theater arts while offering a holistic living experience for urbanites of every subculture of the social stratosphere, the themed condominium building, showcasing the finest amenities that NSJBI has to offer, creates a new blueprint for modern city living.

Victoria De Hidalgo

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F-R. Hidalgo St., Quiapo, Manila

Status: Q4 2025

With the idea of home as its very core, New San Jose Builders’ Victoria De Hidalgo will give you the more than just a home experience by being the first home and sports condominium in our nation’s capital. It offers various state of the art facilities that nurture both the mind and the body. It is a home in which after a hard day’s work, one can enjoy its reward. A home that can accommodate both passions and responsibility; and a home that inspires one to be more and to do more.

Victoria De Valenzuela

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MacArthur Hwy, Valenzuela City

Status: Under Construction
Turnover: December 2025

Begin a new life with modern and contemporary approach to your new home. Bask away with Victoria de Valenzuela wide array of amenities from leisure to fitness and Balance your career and lifestyle with Victoria de Valenzuela’s strategic location having everything within your reach.

Victoria Sports Tower Monumento

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MacArthur Hwy, Caloocan City

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